Boozy Gummies

I’ve been experimenting with booze-filled gummies for a while now, and I’ve been asked by several people to share my recipe. We’re all stuck and home and living with a lot of stress, so a comfort food like finger jello goes a long way to improving happiness.


First, let’s start with the molds. You need silicone molds of some sort to hold and form the gelatin. The gummies we’re making are significantly stiffer than the finger jello you might have known as a child, so cutting up a sheet pan into squares isn’t going to be a good time. I’m using simple ice cube and cookie molds I picked up at my grocery store over the years, but there’s plenty of fun shapes in the Amazon Bakeware.

Three other important things you’ll need:



Regular gummie candies have some other ingredients (mostly modified starches) to help them retain moisture. These pure gelatin gummies will dry out and harden rapidly if left in the open air. Leaving them overnight to chill yields something like the texture of boot leather.


There are a lot of different ways to experiment with this. I haven’t tried any gin drinks. I do know that you shouldn’t waste your top or mid shelf liquor on this project. The gelatin and sugar will mask the subtle notes of a fine whiskey. The sugar is necessary to allow you to taste the liquor, otherwise the gelatin keeps the flavor locked away from your tongue.

You can definitely use flavored gelatins for this. We found a packet of raspberry gelatin with the sugar already added and combined it with vodka.

The basic recipe for success is:

If you use a flavored gelatin with the sugar already added, the easy way to figure out how much of each ingredient the packet contributes is to look at the nutrition panel. Flavored gelatin has exactly two ingredients, and the nutrition panel has exactly two items.

Add your packet, then add enough of gelatin and sugar to bring the totals to 40g each.


These are fun to make, and may bring you back to happy memories of your youth, stumbling home in the small hours. Also, if you’re stuck on an endless remote conference call, nobody can tell that the gummies you’re eating are 80 proof.


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