I Am An Imposter

Imposter syndrome, that feeling that you’re really not good enough to be where you are, that you’re going to be discovered and kicked out, is a women’s issue. No Real Man™ would ever admit to being an imposter. Fortunately, after 20 years as a developer, I was able to woman up and admit that I too had imposter syndrome. That admission was one of the most freeing things I have done in my life. »

Filesystem Library in C++17

One of my favorite things about C++ is that it works exceptionally well cross platform. This is entirely to the work of library authors who put a lot of effort into putting a common interface on common tasks, each with a different implementation. The proposed filesystem library in C++ 17, based on the excellent boost filesystem library, in one of my favorite bits. Unfortunately it’s not entirely obvious how to use it without some deep digging. »

Makefiles for Test Driven Development

I’m a big believer in Test Driven Development. That’s the model where you write a failing test, then you write just enough code to make the test pass, but no more. It sounds counter-intuitive,but experience has shown that I get a finished, deliverable product a lot faster, and I’m less likely to find bugs. Even more importantly, my customers are less likely to find bugs. Setting up a Makefile to support test driven development adds some additional challenges to what I’ve shown in my earlier articles. »

Clay's Blueberry Pie Recipe

I’ve cobbled this recipe together from various sources, starting with my grandmother’s pie crust recipe, and adding in things I learned from my mother and reading cooking magazines. Tools This recipe requires a kitchen scale capable of measuring in grams. It’s important to keep the ratios of liquids to solids correct, or you’ll have a bad time. Learn from my pain. Stage 1 Ingredient grams Cumulative grams Flour 180 Salt 1 181 Lard 102 283 Measure the ingredients into a bowl on the scale, looking for the cumulative balance total on your scale for each step. »

Mocking System APIs

One problem a lot of people run into is the need to test code that uses APIs they don’t control. This came up tonight during a discussion on mocking at the Pillar Technology Plugged In event in Ann Arbor. The system in question was a remote service, but I encountered it recently with UNIX system calls. Fortunately there’s a simple solution. If you wrap the APIs in a class, you can mock that class. »