Dropping Spider

A spider, probably of plywood, which can be lowered from the eves.

Stage One

Controller: Raspberry Pi, driving a stepper motor and a spool of cord.

  • Controller understands and stores various heights that it can descend to.
    • Heights can be stored in a config file for later replay.
    • Device has push button controls for descending and climbing, as well as record heights.
    • Buttons can trigger descent to a particular height.
    • Normal operation mode has the spider randomly raising and lowering to the configured heights, with randomly determined pauses.

    Notes: Controller container should be a sealed system which is easily opened. There will be a long controller cable up to the spindle/stepper assembly.

    Stage Two

The spider has its own components:

  • Arduino
  • Battery
  • Radio

It has features which can be controlled by the arduino

  • LED eyes, which ever color shows up best in daylight.
  • Servo controls on the legs